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Yoshihide​ Shimadzu


Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1964.
When I was in the second grade of elementary school, he moved to Tokyo due to my father's job transfer.
At the time of entering university, I  met with Satsuma Biwa Master Torao Kawano in Kagoshima City, and immediately started.
At the same time, I was introduced to Kunitoshi Shirao, the last folklore of the phantom bamboo flute "Tempuku", and also at Satsuma's secret sword "Nodachi Jikenryu (commonly known as Yakumaru Ryu)" Kyoukensha Dojo. Introduced to Master Masao Ito.

I started to go to Kagoshima from Tokyo on my vacation to learn the three tastes that are the root of the Satsuma Samurai's style, which had been cut off after the war.
Upon graduating from university, I moved to Kagoshima and joined Shimadzu kougyo co. ltd, which is run by the Shimadzu family, and continued my studies.
I had charge of the planninng and public relations section as producer at the Shimadzu Residence "Sengan-en".
And Our company promoted the Visual Identity by Carre Noir in France.

In 1993, I was appointed as the Chief priest of Kuwashihoko Shrine, which enshrines the 17th Lord Shimadzu ,Yoshihiro , an ancestor of the Sengoku period.
Reconstruction of the youth healthy upbringing site "Seiunsha", which had been cut off in 2000, with three OBs. "Tempuku" and "Nodachi Jigen-ryu(Sword)", pour his own training leadership.
In 2001, I resigned the Shimadu kougyo then Ipracticed asceticism in the Kagoshima-Jingu Shrine.
In 2003, I became independent.

Kagoshima Prefectural Junior College, Kagoshima International University Part-time Lecturer
Kagoshima Prefectural Police School External Lecturer
Kagoshima Prefectural UNICEF Association First Chairman Director
Kajiki Town Cultural Association
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