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Beside the Chief priest of  KUWASHIHOKO SHINTO SHRINE which enshrines the Lord Shimadzu 17th Yoshihiro, the ancestor of the Sengoku warlords, youth development projects and Kagoshima Prefecture's designated intangible cultural properties "Satsuma Biwa (One of the Traditional Japanese Lute)" and "Tempuku(Bamboo Flute)" ”, Kobudo“ Nodachiji Genryu (commonly known as Yakumaru-ryu) ”, etc. are studied, disseminated, and instructed.

Kagoshima, where I live, has a unique culture of swordsmanship that has been steadily continued from more than 500 years ago to the present day. That is "Satsuma Biwa" and "Tempuku".

It is no exaggeration to say that these were passed down from seniors to juniors in Kagoshima's unique child education system, "Goju Kyouiku

(Educational System)," and became the driving force of the Meiji Restoration.

From such an organization, Takamori Saigo, who was touted as the hero and great man of the Meiji Restoration, Toshimichi Okubo, Sumiyoshi Kawamura, Kabayama Sukenori, Heihachiro Togo, Gonbei Yamamoto, Toshiyoshi Kawaji, etc. were produced.

Now, the times are about to change drastically, and while the providence of the world is getting stuck, we are playing a role of learning the thoughts from commending our predecessors and making use of them in the future. I feel that.

​ In order to connect the warp to the future, I started thinking that if I relive what the predecessors at that time learned, I might get some hints. rice field. Why don't you come and experience it?

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